What is a Video CV and how to make it

What Is a Video CV and How to Create One?

If you are looking to develop a professional video CV, then learn to create one by following the practices listed below. But, first.

What is a Video CV?

A Video CV is a new resume format that facilitates your traditional resume. It is a short and engaging digital interview before shortlisting.

Hence, it is important to know the essentials for creating a video resume to make a lasting impression on your employers.

So, are you ready to have these essentials in your pocket to take advantage of?

Then, why wait? Let’s begin!

Recommended Practices to Develop a Winning Video CV

Maintain Eye Contact

Try to maintain direct eye contact with your recruiters or audience. This helps develop a connection with them and convey your confidence level and commitment. Also, keeping eye contact depicts your consciousness and professionalism. This shows recruiters how to perceive you as an employee. Further, maintaining eye contact helps you to make an impression on recruiters.

Besides, if you need any assistance in developing a resume, then you might avail of professional CV writing services online to create one for you.

Reflect Your Personality

When creating a video resume, portray your personality and give recruiters an idea of who you are beyond a CV. By remaining, enthusiastic, engaging and authentic you could depict yourself well in front of the screen. The better you will be able to reflect your personality, the better you will have the chance to win over your employers. It might be possible that people are more qualified than you, however, showcasing your assets in a video is a game changer.

Wear Appropriate Attire

Wearing a suitable dress to represent a professional image to your recruiters is of great importance. Therefore, it is essential to select attire that complements your job industry. Also, make sure to wear a dress that enhances your skin tone and personality. Choose colours that look good on you as well as which do not undermine your image in comparison to the background.

As you know – when you look good, you feel good and deliver your best shot, isn’t it?

Check Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a video resume. Thus, it is recommended to check the lighting before shooting your final video. This will help you analyse, whether you are visible and looking appealing or not. Just remember, for a successful video CV, avoid making videos in shadows or dark corners. Also, try using natural daylight or decent lighting to shoot a well-lit and clear video. If you follow this tip sincerely, you will ace your video resume!

Be Concise In Terms Of Content

What applicants make mistakes while developing their video resume is, they try to replace their existing resume instead of supplementing it. So, it is advisable not to repeat their blunder. The purpose of a video CV is to keep it relevant, straightforward and concise. The average video resume should be between sixty and one hundred and twenty seconds. Also, try not to stretch the video further and talk about your skills and personality within the time frame.

Avoid Using Foul Language

Avoid using foul language or slang while shooting a video. This tells recruiters about your personality and communication ethics. This is a bad practice, as it will decrease the chances of your selection. Just imagine, you are shooting a video for formal purposes and using inappropriate language in between. This harnesses your reputation in many ways. Instead, try to be simple and empathetic in your tone. Speak clearly and intelligently. Be concise yet meaningful while conveying your message.

Control Background Noise

The foremost thing you are supposed to do before starting your video recording is to control background noise. It is better to avoid a noisy environment at first, however, if it is not possible in case, then keep the background noise to as minimum as possible. You know – the noisy environment could distract your recruiters which causes them to miss valuable points.

Also, you can use video editing software to remove the background noise or might utilize noise-cancelling microphones while recording your video.

Avoid Reciting the Content

However, it is necessary to prepare a script and practice video recording, but the issue is, that it makes applicants look like they are reciting the content. This memorization or rehearsal makes the video even worse and in natural. Instead, what you have to do is – have a basic idea of what you will say and in what sequence. Rest, let the conversation flow itself! This will help your video look more natural and pleasing.

Further, if you need any help in editing your resume, then you could avail of CV editing services online to format and give your resume a whole new look.

Don’t Cover Everything

Lastly, it is essential to understand that you don’t have to cover everything. The format of a video resume is to complement your existing resume rather than a summary of it. Therefore, it is of great significance to pay attention to your key strengths and mention things which target your job role without getting lost in way too many details. For example; mention things like your name, education, experience, skills, world-view, hobbies etc.


What should I include in a video resume?

You should include the following things in your video resume; your name, skill set, experience, educational background, hobbies, expectations etc. However, make sure to avoid giving too many details.

What are the benefits of a video-based resume?

The benefits of a video-based resume are; that it helps recruiters analyse your personality without you being physically present. Also, it reduces the time of the whole recruitment process.

How long a video resume should be made?

A video resume should be a minimum of one minute and a maximum of two minutes. Also, it is recommended to not stretch it longer and be concise in terms of content.

How can I end my video CV?

It is important to end your CV with a proper ending note. For example, you can say thank you or could add how you are best fit for the job role. Also, it is recommended to avoid abrupt and informal endings.

Wrap Up!

Well, summing it up! Video CV is an interactive and emerging format of in-person interviews. It has made the recruitment process much easier. Through this, employers can see who they want as their employees. This video resume format acts like a cherry on top of the cake. If applicants skilfully manage to do it, then almost seventy per cent of their work is done. Why it is the cherry on top? Because it enables applicants to present and speak about themselves before selection. It gives them room to show their creativity.

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