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What Are The Best Fonts For A CV?

Looking for a job? We bet you have heard thousands of advice regarding your job hunting.

The list is endless and a bit agitating, to be honest. Frankly speaking, these bits of advice boost the chances of you landing your dream job.

Well, we are also here to offer you expert advice that does not need you to do any extra work. Just a few taps and you’ll be done.

The improvement that we are talking about is so obvious that a lot of people don’t even bother noticing it. However, it can make or break your chances of securing an interview. 

We are talking about the type of fonts. Choosing the right font is very important. There are hundreds and thousands of different ones out there.

We have compiled a bunch of the best fonts that will elevate the overall look of your CV.

So, let us begin!                  

Why Does The Fonts Even Matter In CVs?

While you are quite right to think this way, let us answer why these are important. The main aesthetics of a professional CV are crucially significant, as they get hiring managers to focus on what is written in the application. If you choose a fancy font to look cool (Heaven forbid Papyrus, Comic Sans, and, of course, Wingdings), then your content will become quite distracting, don’t you think?

Secondly, the right font also helps your application to pass through the application tracking system (ATS) without a hitch. Now that we are all aware of why fonts matter in a CV, let us proceed to unveil the best ones, shall we?

What Are The Best Resume/CV Fonts?

You must be wondering which sorts of fonts fit both of these criteria, right? Let us answer it for you! Well, the trick is to opt for the ones that are not overly designed or flashy. The fonts below are standard, as they are easy to read by both the recruiters and the ATS.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the first on our list, and for a good reason, too. It has been on the hit list of every job-seeker who understands the importance of using the right fonts for quite some decades. This option communicates formality and is easy to read.

  • Best For – This type is perfect for Word documents. It has a professional and classic appearance that makes it an ideal choice for job hunters targeting corporate roles. However, it is also a heavy serif font. Thus, it takes a bit more space than the other options in this list. 


Next on our list is none other than Arial. This sans-serif option is much cherished for its modern and neat look. In the modern world, where everyone is obsessed with minimalism, the straightforward and minimalist design of Arial has become a holy grail for applicants targeting creative roles. The readability of this font, even in smaller font sizes, makes it perfect for candidates who want to stuff a lot of things in their resume’s single page without making it look untidy.

  • Best For – It is perfect for every candidate who submits their resume online. Moreover, it is also ATS-friendly. However, Arial might make the entire text look inappropriate and less formal for certain job posts.

Avenir Next

The contemporary typeface that is gaining popularity among recruiters and designers – yes, we are talking about Avenir Next. It is characterised by open contours, geometric shapes, strong lines, etc. Due to its modern and clean look, it has become a widely used font for CVs.

  • What We Love – It is a scalable font. It guarantees maximum readability even at smaller sizes. Moreover, its geometric shapes make it an ideal choice for resumes that are to be submitted online.


Another widely popular and recognised typeface for CVs is none other than Helvetica. It is a timeless, clean, and classic font and does great, especially in the design industry. Typographers, design enthusiasts, professionals, and, of course, our personal favourite, Wes Anderson, swear by this font.

  • What We Love – It is available in numerous weights, thus making it easier to distinguish between sections and headings in a CV. However, the minimalistic design of this typeface can actually go against the user if their resume has limited content. It will make it look empty as if it lacks substance.


Calibri is another modern design typeface that is often the first choice of many CV editor. It is an excellent choice to create an eye-striking and easy-to-read resume. This font is a bit lighter than all the fonts that we have mentioned above. This is why it is an ideal choice for job hunters who are trying to fit their resumes on a single page.

  • What We Like – It gives a sense of consistency across various platforms. This feature makes it a reliable and accessible option for job seekers.

Summing It All Up!

Which font is the best for a CV?

Amongst hundreds and thousands of fonts available, the best ones to write a CV are:

  1. Arial
  2. Cambria
  3. Calibri
  4. Garamond
  5. Georgia
  6. Helvetica
  7. Times New Roman
  8. Verdana and a lot more

What is the most professional-looking font to write a resume?

To write a resume, you must opt for professional-looking fonts, such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Cambria, etc. If you wish to write your application in a sans serif font, then some recommended ones are Verdana, Calibri, Arial, and many more.

What font size is the best for a CV?

Generally, the best font sizes for a standard text are 11 to 12 pt. However, 14 to 15 pt. font size is best for headers and titles.

Is Calibri a good font for a CV?

Yes, why not? Calibri is best known for its professional and contemporary look, which makes it the perfect font to use in multiple industries. It is clean, well-spaced, easy to read, etc. Moreover, it is read precisely well by an applicant tracking system (ATS), also.

By now, you must be well familiar with the fact that choosing the right font for your resume is crucially important to present your qualifications and skills efficiently in front of a hiring manager. All in all, there is no single “universal” font for writing a CV. As you have just read, there are multiple options to choose from. At the end of the day, the ideal font for you is the one that enhances the impact of your resume. So, feel free to try a few fonts out to understand which one suits your resume the most.

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