An informal interview guide: What is it and what to wear to one

What Is An Informal Interview And How To Dress Up For It

An interview is one of the crucial parts to impress hiring managers. The first impression carries considerable weight, therefore, it is vital to leave the positive one. When you enter a meeting, your attire speaks before you do. Hence, be aware of the right informal interview outfit to hit the nail on the head. Your dress can speak a lot about your personality. This is why it is important to know exactly what to wear to an informal meeting to blow the interviewer away.

In this guide, we would help you get familiar with what exactly an informal interview is and how to get dressed for it. So, without frittering away any further, let’s get rolling!

What Is An Informal Interview?

An informal interview is a type of interview that takes place in a casual setting rather than a structured interview in a conference room. These meetings usually take place either at a restaurant, hotel, or even a café for lunch or coffee. Although this kind of meeting is more relaxed, the goal is still the same, to observe the interviewee. It is sometimes called an unstructured interview, and it will be a two-way conversation.

At times, the interviewers opt for non-formal meetings to make sure whether the candidate is fit for the company or not. So, you might be wondering how to prepare for it. Let us give you brief pointers about it.

  • Do your research. It is important to do your homework and learn every necessary thing about the company that could be your next workplace.
  • Ask for the location and confirm it before leaving for the interview. You need to be on time at the location.
  • Bring copies of your important documents along with you, i.e. CV/resume or your business card.
  • Prepare yourself. Check out market trends and get ready to sell your skills in front of the interviewer.

Now, that you know what an informal interview is, let’s dive into what to wear to an informal interview. Sometimes, people dress too casually for it, which might leave a bad impression on the interviewer. In this blog, we have added all the details about what must be worn to it.

What Should Men Wear To An Informal Interview?

Following are the different pieces of garments men should consider while getting ready for a casual meeting.

1. Decent Jumper And Tailored Pants

The first option is for the gentlemen who dwell in colder regions. Wear a decent jumper that matches the rest of your outfit. Assembling your sophisticated jumper with tailored pants and slip-on shoes can be a fantastic idea.

2. Buttoned Down Shirts And Khakis

Consider wearing a denim button-down shirt with khakis for a decent look. When it comes to buttoned-down shirts, try to go for colours that match the khakis to achieve a semi-professional look. Complete your attire with a pair of loafers.

3. Fitted Slacks And A Plaid Shirt

Here comes another option to go for fitted slacks and a plaid shirt. When it comes to choosing the shades of both garments, go for a lighter-toned plaid shirt and beige-hued slack.

4. Jeans

If wondering whether you can adorn jeans for a casual meeting, so the answer is yes. Just make sure to avoid wearing ripped or acid-washed jeans. Go for the light blue or navy blue jeans along with a button-down shirt and buskins to look decent.

5. T-shirt And Jacket

This is the most common option on our list yet a decent one. Ensemble your simple t-shirt with a jacket and pants. Generally, people match the tone of their jackets with pants for a professional look. So, you can also go for it to look classy.

Be Mindful

If you are here, this is a sign that you either have to attend a casual meeting or are still submitting job applications. We are sure you don’t want to miss any opportunity that gets you closer to your ambition, right? So, get fully prepared for every stage, from submitting your top-notch resume to acing the interview.

CV writer at CV Writings would help you reach the interviewing stage, and from there, our guide would help you pass your meeting successfully. So, don’t shy away from taking the help of online companies that provide CV writing experts.

What Should Women Wear To An Informal Interview?

Ladies, when it comes to casual meetings, don’t opt for the best business suits. Instead, the point of the non-formal interview is to show how comfortable you’re in a professional environment and know how to get ready. We showed male interviewees how they should be looking at their meetings, it is time for the female ones.

1. Button Down Shirts

Get ready like a pro by going for buttoned-down shirts in pink, blue, and white shades. Fabrics such as silk chiffon fabric are more appropriate and elegant. It is a sheer material that has a soft and beautiful drape.

2. Decent Blazer And Sweaters

For a non-formal meeting on a chilly day, consider adding a sophisticated blazer or jumper to your attire. Blazers are the main article that is perfect for smart-casual occasions, semiformal, and formal events. It would keep you protected from frosty weather.

When it comes to which colour of jumper and blazer, going for maroon and navy would make you look as pretty as a picture. Assemble your blazer with a pair of decent blue-toned jeans would be great. Make sure your jeans are neither ripped nor torn.

3. Dress And Tights

Want to look charming yet professional? Achieve it by adorning dresses that fall below your knees and covering your chest properly. Avoid wearing vibrant-toned dresses and wear textured or simple tights. Convey professionalism with light blue, pale pink, and light yellow coloured dress. Just be careful that you are not drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself.

4. Pullover, Blouse, And Black Trousers

Black dress trousers are a perfect staple for interviewing occasions as it gives you variety to experiment and explore. Be creative with a dash of professionalism to create attire with a pair of black trousers. You can pair up your trousers with shirts, pullovers, blouses, and blazers. Assemble a black skirt with a white shirt and flat shoes for a hot yet sophisticated combo.

5. Pants, Skirts, Polo Shirts, And Cardigans

You can go for pants and skirts in khakis, cotton, and corduroy. Make sure that they are well-pressed and have no wrinkles. The skirts should either be knee-length or longer than that. You can pair up your pants with polo shirts, smart cardigans, and jumpers to achieve great professional attire.

Questions That Would Be Asked At An Informal Interview

There are some generic questions that every interviewer asks, it is more or less the same during informal interview questions as well. You just need to be confident during both the typical and behavioural questions.

Here are some of the questions that you can anticipate during an informal interview:

“Describe yourself to me.”

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“What draws you to this position?”

“Why are you quitting your current job?”

“Where do you see yourself doing in five years?”

“What is going on in the industry right now?”

“How do you handle criticism?”

“How do you resolve conflicts?”

These are some of the questions that the interviewer might ask you. Now, you must also do some counter questions as it is a two-way interview. Be relaxed and discuss everything you have in your mind, keeping a professional way of talking.

Wrap Up

And with that, we described everything that we promised in our title. By wading through this guide, you must have a clear idea about what an informal interview is and what to wear to one. Your outfit plays a vital part, plan to dress in a way that speaks the best about your personality and professionalism. Leave a strong impression on the recruiter and get hired instantly. We wish you all the best!

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