Do You Know How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

Do You Know How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job? Let’s Find Out.

LinkedIn, a professional network that allows its users to pick the best brick; “read it as a job” from the pyramid of vacant job positions. A highly used social media network that connects potential job hunters with the type of corporation or organization they are looking to work with. You can connect with other users on LinkedIn, and also get a referral for the vacant position! There are a million top companies around the globe on LinkedIn, providing users the opportunity to grow. Behold, it’s your time to grab the opportunity!

LinkedIn helps users to showcase their talents, credibility, and capabilities in front of the world. Yes, we are talking about targeting the “world” here! Still, there are some LinkedIn users who have left their LinkedIn profile all dull and bleak without considering its importance. But what if we tell you, you can decorate your LinkedIn account with jewels like set a perfect profile picture and update a bio and skills section that will create a spark out of your talent. Whoa there!

LinkedIn Users Across The Globe

As we have stated earlier, LinkedIn to be one of the widely used social platforms for job hunting – it has over 740 million users. These users are of more than 200 countries with 57 percent males and 43 percent females!

It is believed that 2021 would be a tough year hunting for a job as compared to the previous years. Not only that but 64 percent out of 1,500 adults believe that job searching itself is a tiring process. It may be true but if you know there is a problem then you have to first breathe in, believe in yourself, and work harder for the cause!

Here, the cause is to seek a better job – a job that matches your capabilities. Then why not using a perfect platform that can help you in so many ways? Why not target the company you want to work with and build your profile in accordance with it? Why not just be a star of the LinkedIn platform?

What we said above may be a dream but you can turn it into a reality with your constant hard work and through the knowledge of using LinkedIn correctly. Most users do not know how to connect with a company or apply for a job – the fun fact is; many of them even haven’t updated their profile display! It is alright if you are one of those – we have got you covered!
In this blog post, we are discussing tips that will help you hit your goal.
It may also help you become a LinkedIn expert!

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job?

Before we jump on the tips that can help you get a “LinkedIn Crown” why not we tell you the three most important facts to keep your LinkedIn profile active?

  • Be authentic.
  • Keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Do not forget to highlight your current job position.

We have discussed below four tips that will help you in getting some amazing opportunities on LinkedIn you had your eyes on!

  1. Create A Network
  2. Be Visual
  3. Connect With Recruiters And Hiring Managers
  4. LinkedIn – A Search Engine.

Create A Network

Building a network is one of the topmost important parts of making a profile active on LinkedIn. You can have as many connections as you want but do it now!

Start connecting with people. Know them and make better understanding with them. You can comment, react or even drop a message to them. Once you have developed the trust and connection, do not forget to ask for recommendations. Through these recommendations, recruiters can be sure of the employee their hiring.

Having a strong connection shows job security and the number of people who know you and your work!

Be Visual

If you have a LinkedIn profile, try to be more visual! If you are visual it will eventually bring your content across the eyes of many LinkedIn users.

Make your name, your identity! Start posting on your LinkedIn profile. You can post your achievements or anything that you like. But make sure it should relate to the field you have selected!

Or even you can sometimes post out-of-context content too – just be your true self!

Connect With Recruiters And Hiring Managers

What we like the best about LinkedIn is you can directly contact recruiters and hiring managers through inboxes. Or you can simply drop an email on the email-id provided! We are living in the 21st century and one of the perks of this era is directly contacting your employer (or where you want to apply).

According to Bob Bentz who is a president of Purplegator; “LinkedIn is a job seeker’s best friend because it avoids gatekeepers”. So what are you waiting for? If you see hiring managers; let them know you are interested in attaching your professional resume with your portfolio and voila!

LinkedIn – A Search Engine

You can make your search engine game stronger on LinkedIn as it helps in finding companies, recruiters, professionals, and oh, the perfect job for you!

If you are looking for a marketing-related job, you can simply use keywords like marketing recruiters. Not only you can use LinkedIn as a search engine but it can also help the recruiters in finding potential employees for their company. How? Just do not forget to maintain your skills section. Enlist all the skills you have and see the game-changing for you!

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is a powerful and professional social media network that helps its users to hunt jobs, look for professional hiring managers and get employees for an organization or company.

All of it is only possible if the user knows how to manage his LinkedIn profile that will help him to make a strong presence on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, we hear from a lot of users about the trouble they are facing in this professional network and it is getting quite challenging for them to find jobs now.

If you are thinking this too, then worry not! As we have managed to write four proven tips for you that will help you get a job where you want to!
Try out these tips and let us know how well these worked for you.
Happy job hunting!

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