How to write a resignation letter

Tips to Write a Resignation Letter with Emotions and Wishes

It can be upsetting and tense to resign from your current employment position. And there are many steps to contend with in order to get the process through. Firstly, you need to inform the manager of your decision. And then the news reaches the staff after which you have to face a stream of questions.

But these events are inevitable if you want to have a professional and dignified break from the organization. The most important part of the procedure in question is the resignation letter. It is the basic element that announces the news and assists in the transition. To make sure the change is seamless we have provided all the details you need to know. Beginning with what a resignation letter refers to.

What is a resignation letter?

Resignation letters are vital documents if you have decided to let go of a position. It conveys your intention formally and respectfully to your existing employer. It might seem like a ceremonial gesture but is nevertheless a necessary and professional one. They officially announce your stance in the most peaceful manner to the administration.

Why is a resignation letter necessary?

Although it is not a document that is legally required, many job contracts do ask for it. When you get hired, the contract states that a written document is required if you ever decide to leave. It also benefits the employee to have the resignation in written form. It keeps you safe from any inconsistencies in the future.

How to write an effective resignation?

Our experts at emphasized the idea, the best way to write a resignation letter is to keep it professional, simple, and courteous. Keep in mind that there is no strict need for you to include any reasons. Especially if they reflect badly on the workplace, it is best to not mention them at all.

Instead, just focus on expressing gratitude for the time you spent there and the experience and skills you gained. Also, refrain from making any mentions to your new workplace or employer in the letter

What are the elements required in an impactful resignation letter?

Although it is a leaving document, a resignation letter should still not lack anything. There are a few extremely important elements that should be included to grant a fluent transition.

The date of the leaving notice

When writing the heading to your resignation letter must include the date of your submission. It is very helpful in assisting you, the HR, and the manager to keep the record straight.

Your date of leaving

There are also preparations which your company needs to do for when you depart. So, it is important to let them know when exactly you are leaving. Be decisive and clear in how you phrase it. Do not give a vague impression of you will be leaving sooner or later.

There is also a possibility that the leaving date might not be in your control. Some companies have a particular notice period mentioned in the contract beforehand. Whether it consists of one or two weeks or more, you must abide by it.

Thanking the company

You might not have enjoyed your time at this position, and that is precisely why you must be leaving. But still, this is a necessary part. Thank your company and manager in the letter and express appreciation for everything you learned.

Acknowledging the opportunities were provided in the place, is not only gracious but tactful. It is possible that you might not maintain bonds with the company in the future as well. So, it is best not to sever them in an unpleasant or disagreeable manner.

Giving a reason is optional

As mentioned, before it is not mandatory to include a reason for leaving in your resignation letter. But if due to any reason you need to do it then be concise and keep it brief. A simply worded statement is enough to convey relate the cause of your leave.

Have an exit plan

It will be considered very professional and courteous if you help the company prepare for your leave. You can accomplish that by offering to outline your responsibilities and document every process. The remaining period can also be used to train another person to take over your place.

Under the events that you are halfway through a project during this time, make sure to complete it. It is favorable to tie up the ends so people can admire your diligence even after you are gone.

How to deliver your resignation?

There are two methods of delivery you can apply. The first is to make a printout and hand it to the manager. But do this personally in a face-to-face meeting. The second option is to email the letter along with verbally informing the manager about it. The verbal announcement should be on the same day the email is sent.

Sample of a professional resignation letter

As a final piece of advice, we have a complete sample of how you can structure your letter. The following template can be used when needed:

(Add date)

Dear (name of the manager)

Kindly accept this letter as my formal resignation notification from my position as (employment title). According to my employment contract, I am giving a (duration of notice) notice. This will make my final workday fall on (date).

I am exceedingly grateful for the support and opportunities I received during my time with (name of the workplace). I wish you the organization everlasting success in the future.

I would like to use the current time to aid and assist in any way possible. Please contact me for any queries whenever needed once I leave. It would indeed be my pleasure to keep in contact with you.

Warm regards,

(Your own name)

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