how to stand out with a graduate cv or no experience cv

How To Stand Out With A Graduate CV in 2022

Hello amigos, you must be just out of university or college, and already the pressure of getting a job is upon your shoulders. You are now deep diving into the ocean of overthinking, right?

Or else you are stressing over that with no experience CV, how will you secure any stable job?

Worry not guys, we got you all covered up. Just read along with our pointers, and we are sure this is going to help you out and ease your worries, maybe a bit? So hop on this journey and breathe in the good fresh almighty oxygen.

We know how important a curriculum vitae is for people like you, who are just freshly graduated and stepping up into the next phase of their life. Things will not make sense to you, like, how would you gain experience without being unemployed. Who is going to give you a chance to prove yourself? Who will understand that being a fast food server is not the only job you want to achieve. And whether you will grab a job that relates to your degree?

All these questions and pre-conceived notions will end up eating your peace. Trust us and our findings, it will make you go a long way ahead. Read the pointers below to stand out among the crowd and avail that dream job of yours, that too without any prior experience.

Recognize Your Impressive Qualities                            

Writing a CV is like you are selling yourself in the job market. So the first and foremost thing to do is to jot down what things you are good at, don’t stick yourself only professional abilities should be listed on your CV. List your personal qualities as it plays a significant role in building your profile. After that, look through the job sections like what they are demanding in the market and compare your set of skills to that. Even if you are a captain school hockey team, this proves that you have leadership qualities intact in you. Or if you are good at writing blogs, this makes you best in written communication podium. To identify what you are best at.

Initiate With Personal Statement

What is your pitch? How are you going to introduce yourself? A little personal statement at the start, not more than 150 words, or even if you can make it shorter than that will be good. A brief and catchy personal statement at the start will do the trick by grabbing the recruiter’s attention. Don’t go monotonous like “I am a self-motivated individual with a dream to work as a data analyst in your esteem company”. Expand your horizon, be creative, and try to think out of the box. The world is your oyster, make most of it.

Weight On Skills Rather Than The Roles

Most CVs begin with the candidate’s employment history and where he is currently employed at the moment. But, as you are fresher, or you might have experienced, that’s of no use in accordance to the job listed. So omit that, begin with your skills and show them in such a manner that it creates a lasting impact on the potential employer’s mind and give a perfect job interview. The recruiter will be keen to see what qualities and set of skills you have, rather than seeing your experience in flipping the hamburgers at a fast-food chain. 

Don’t Forget Your Forte Points

Do you know how these memes become viral? How do hashtags go on Twitter trending charts or do you love to watch anime, and you have a passion to create funny videos. Even if you are bilingual simply because your mom is from Chile and your dad is American and you have command of both languages. If you have something like this or anything which seems mediocre and unworthy to write about in your CV.

Hang on! You are doing a mistake, my friend. Skills like these are inborn or evolve out of passion, so do mention them with pride and have a firm belief in them. 

Extra-Curricular Should Be Treated and Mentioned Like Jobs

If you have social work or volunteer experience while doing your degree, it is also the biggest asset. Don’t feel that these attributes won’t add up to your CV. Just because you haven’t got paid for that doesn’t mean you didn’t gain anything. Most valuable life lessons are learned through such kinds of unpaid work. Like management, leadership skills, keeping an account, or assisting in research. These are valuable segments that need to be addressed and highlighted instead of your experience such as stacking up supermarket shelves. Even if you are part of your school newspaper team that should be mentioned too with roles attached to your work. 

Dissect Your Degree

Degrees are a very prominent source that can elevate your skill set in your resume. You can simply take pointers from your course to establish what things you are good at. For instance; if you have written a thesis in your final year, you can proudly mention that or else in your media degree, you have filmed a documentary you can claim that as your own original work. Skills gained through project work can be a great addition too. You simply have to cross-examine your degree and pick up your high points from that. Graduate CV writing through the help of a degree is a point that should never be forgotten.

To Sum Up

You cannot be disheartened if you don’t have experience and lack the job probability with a huge margin. Please don’t mess up things and simply follow our pointers which are in a detailed manner will be going to help you out in every way possible. Hence, study points such as focusing on your degree, listing your skills, brushing up on your talent, and, pioneering your extracurricular with pride. These are some of the main virtue which is to be followed in order to construct your flawless CV with no experience in the field at all.

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