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How to Write a Good CV Summary with No Experience – Tips and Examples

Are you a fresh graduate, grinding your gears to write an attention conquering resume?

Or maybe a high-school student, fueling your days and night to craft a professional document?

Are you facing trouble while filling the blank experience section, because you are a newbie?

The reality is: To get a job, you need some experience – but to gain experience, you need a job! 

Enough frustrating, right? 

Many graduates go through the conundrum of not being able to write a compelling CV summary, while this is one of the major requirements by the hiring managers. 

Tips to Write a CV Summary with No Experience

We have curated a few best things that can be listed on your CV if you have no experience.

Read till the end to find out some amazing techniques that will help you to overcome the extra white space on your paper. 

Highlight Your Qualities

CV is generally about who you are, and what makes you unique among other candidates. Shedding some light on what you are good at will for sure help you to write an attractive CV summary that mesmerizes the reader. The trick is to use some energetic, and professional adjectives that fully describe your skills. 

Personal Statements

Your summary is the first thing on which the recruiter will get his eyes. It is the first chance to win his attention. You need to make sure that it is capable of inciting the curiosity of the reader. 

To make this possible, write a strong summary, which describes your skill set, passion, and hobbies. 

Here, you may also describe the roles you are looking for.

If you wish to keep it generic, you may write “I am searching for mind-challenging roles to polish my skills”. 

Powerful – But Concise Summary

While going through the piles of CVs, recruiters do not have enough time to read out lengthy summaries. They look for something that is concise, yet impactful. 

Here, is the trick – you need to play with the words smartly. Describe yourself in a brief manner – while ensuring that you aren’t skipping important information. The recommended word count is 100-150 words. Try to speak through the words, while keeping them as minimum as possible.

Descriptive Words

Bear in mind, the hiring manager is not someone you have known personally. You need to maintain professional decorum. 

Don’t make the mistake of starting your summary with “I am…”

It kills the charm of the entire document. 

Instead, go for words that describe you, or your skills. 

For example:

“A media science graduate, passionate about capturing moments into pixels. Highly capable and skillful leader, searching for the role of senior photographer”

They Have Been In Your Shoe

Recruiters have been on the other side of the table. They understand you are a high school or fresh graduate with no experience. In such cases, they look for the top three traits in the candidate:

Eagerness: The urge and passion for the field,

Attitude: A positive, and hardworking attitude,

Adaptability: The ability to quickly adapt the instructions

If you successfully showcase these 3 traits to the recruiter via your brief summary – you have already won the job! 

Don’t Go COMICS 

The font of the CV summary and overall document has to be professional and easy to read. The correct font has the ability to convince the reader that you are the right fit for the job. Choosing fonts like Calibri, and Cambria are a wise decision. 

Calligraphy fonts, and handwriting-style fonts, are highly inadvisable. 

Don’t Lie At Your Summary

Getting a job on the basis of fake claims won’t take you anywhere further. The foundations based on false claims are weak enough to break down easily. Neither on the summary nor on the overall document – is it recommended to lie regarding your skills or academics. Recruiters have already spent half of their life hiring candidates. They can already sense something fishy at the initial stages. 

Here are a few examples of what a great summary sounds like:

CV Summary with No Work Experience

When you are successfully done with writing an enthralling CV summary, it’s time to fill the blank space in the experience section. 

It may sound like “an extra space” to you, but if you look at the other side of the picture – it is the space to showcase your talent. 

You may utilize the blank space to present your certifications, volunteer activities, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and skills. 

Wrap Up

CVs are the most critical career equipment that can either break or make your career. It is highly recommended to pay keen attention to it or get it done by the professionals. We hope the above shared tips are going to help you in writing a mesmeric summary, which will arrest the mind of the reader at a glance. 

However, if you are running out of time, and wish to take a shortcut; we can provide you with help with a professionally written CV.

Here at CVWritings, we’ve got highly qualified CV writers, who can craft an attention-capturing CV for you even if you have no experience and give you the best shot at getting a job interview.

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