impress recruiters in the UK with these certifications

9 Certifications To Impress The Recruiters In The UK

Certificates always impact the recruiter whether your resume matches the position you apply for. Sometimes your educational certificates are not enough to get your desired job; additional certifications may prove favourable in such conditions.

Sometimes some skills are not taught to us during our education, but attaining extra skills with certificates can be beneficial. This can impress your employer, and you might get a better position than what you applied for. Certifications can be influential, but not all certificates are good enough to make a difference.

Therefore, We have come up with this detailed and well-researched article to impress the recruiters in the UK with these 9 certifications. We want to mention one more thing before we start discussing those certifications. With the advent of online learning, you can learn all these skills, courses, and technical programs through online classes. You don’t need to worry as they also offer certifications with it.

9 Certifications To Impress The Recruiters

Following are the nine certifications to make an impression on your employers.

1. HR Field Certifications

If you think about how to impress recruiters with certifications?  The first on the list is Human resource certifications. It is not a requirement for the job, but recruiters accept it, too, which can increase the odds of getting a job in the HR sector. This certification can enable you to get a higher salary than the offered one.

2. Sales certifications

Though selling skills are usually polished by gaining experience, applicants can outstand by taking specialized training with certification from well-known trainers. Jordan Wan, the founder, and CEO of CloserIQ says only a dedicated and disciplined person can back up their raw skills by learning from sales experts.

3. Desktop Analyst Certifications

The third certification is Desk analyst certification, in case you are wondering how to impress recruiters. Desktop analyst certifications may not be helpful for high-level jobs, but they can help you stand out in entry-level positions. It is best if you get A+ in this type of certificate. Chase Wagner, Technical Recruiter at OakTree Staffing and Training, says, “It is a good point to start your career and a way to get into an IT company”.

4. IT Security Certifications

Cybersecurity has become a domestic term over the passage of years. Acquiring IT security certifications have become a priority. It helps to obtain the fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity. As the employment rate has drastically decreased, one should carefully contemplate career goals. It’s time to add new skills to your previous skills and revise the older ones.

5. Google Certifications

Google deals with an enormous range of products, services, and certifications. They provide courses in tremendous skills and fields like digital marketing, software engineering, data science, and many more. You can take benefit from it as several higher established companies prefer it.

As Google certifications are quite rare, the ones who attach these certifications are instantly snapped up by companies for higher jobs. If you plan to create or update your profile, seek assistance from a LinkedIn profile writer.

6. Project Management Certifications

Usually, applicants claim to have project managing and leadership skills but adding a PM certification to your resume upgrades it. This certificate is quite beneficial as the skills and lessons learned during it can be vastly applied to other fields on a higher level. Some top universities and institutes provide in-class and online Project Management Professional (PMP) education. They examine you after the completion of the course.

7. Network Certifications

If you are planning to be either a software engineer or admin, Cisco provides a wide range of certifications that can uplift your CV. Certifications of CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE can represent how good a software engineer or admin you are. CCIE is the highest qualification in this field that a person passes the first theory exam followed by a lab exam. When you have excelled in the written and lab exams, it tells a lot to the employer about you. It proves that you are not just an expert in your field but also persistent and dedicated.

Recruiters want the employees to be experts in their skills and have prominent characteristics in their personality. These certificates are not just a line added to your resume, but it proves what level of experience you hold.

8. Cloud Architect Certifications

If you want to further know how to impress recruiters with certifications, the Cloud Architect certification is another one you should have. For many past years, no other IT sector has progressed as cloud computing. Companies and governments are using it to store loads of data.

This part of IT is booming increasingly, resulting in high demand and low supply. If you are an IT student or hold a degree in it, you should aim to attain a certificate in Cloud architecture. Students are trained to become professionals in designing, developing, managing, securing, and robust cloud solutions.

These certificate holders can get their hand at jobs at Red Hat, SAP, Deloitte, and Siemens. The average salary for this job is $153,000 in the United States.

9. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

This one is for those who aim to get a job in the finance department. One can get certified by passing an exam based on 170 multiple-choice questions.

To maintain CFP, one must pay fees every year and complete 30 hours of education every two years. Conditions include 6,000 hours of professional experience, 4,000 hours of apprentice experience, and a bachelor’s degree. It also requires a background check; one should be well-informed about tax and investment planning.


These were the 9 certifications to impress the recruiters in the UK. You can choose the one which is the most suitable for your career. The first is for the ones who want to apply for jobs in the human resource sector. The second one is to become a sales expert and so on. These certifications will pave a path for you to your desired job.

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