10 Tips to write a good CV with no experience

10 Tips to Write A CV with No Experience

Searching for a job in this competitive market is not less than a great hustle. The process of finding a job could be intensely tiring and disappointing as well. A person may end up losing his entire motivation after facing rejection from any organization and I agree with this fact!

There has been a rapid growth in the pool of competitive candidates over time and this has made the job search feel like an uphill battle. Obviously, each and every company is in search of hiring a cream employee or say a perfect fit for the job and this may result in the disappointment of other candidates.

Sounds relatable?

Well, if that’s how it is, then this is high time when you should keenly check upon your resume. When you are searching for a job, components that you have in your hand is your CV and experience. It is highly recommended to tailor, check, and proofread your resume twice or thrice even to impress the employers.


One of the biggest challenges that a new and fresh graduate would ever come across is the writing of an impressive and compelling essay. Since the fresh graduates aren’t having any prior experience so it becomes nerve-wracking for them to create an outstanding and outshine CV.

Ironically; to get yourself a job, you need to have some experience; but to get some experience, you need to have a job!

After completing graduation, the real struggle begins and that is your job hunt process. An individual has to come up with a powerful resume that could steal the attention of the recruiting manager. And writing a great resume could be an intimidating and stressful task!

Without a second thought, having no experience in the field may end up your CV in the junk folder. The chances of landing your favorite job are almost next to zero if you aren’t having any prior experience or internship certificate in the industry. However, creating a remarkable impression over the recruiter with the help of a resume can do wonders for you!

But here is a secret; hear this out, you actually don’t need to have experience. You have to showcase the fact that you have some relevant experience in the field and skillset which may benefit the company in the future.

Trust me, this tiny margin creates a whole big difference, and BAM, you would surely be able to land the job.


To take major and bold steps in your professional career, you need to create your impressive and compelling CV right from the scratch. In general, you have to showcase your qualities, skillset, achievements, honors, and relevant qualifications in the resume. But people do fail horribly at painting themselves on the resumes.

Are you also the victim of a poor resume with zero experience? Don’t worry, we are going to dive into a short- quick guide that would guide you step by step. With the help of these 10 tips, you would be able to create a fantastic resume and would land the job instantly.

Get to know your prominent and remarkable qualities:

An individual should be knowing his strengths and his qualities. Writing a resume could become daunting if you aren’t known about your own capabilities and skills. Highlight your strengths and your soft skills in order to impress the recruiting manager.

Craft a compelling and strong personal statement:

Open up your CV with a convincing and striking personal statement. This is a kind of summary or says your very short introduction. This helps the recruiter to understand you at a quick glance so make sure to keep it strong!

Inject spot-on vocabulary and in-demand skills:

Writing a resume needs your complete dedication so don’t make the mistake of overlooking the vocabulary. Infuse correct vocabs in relevance with the industry. Also, don’t neglect the in-demand skills for recruiters and your job role, mention them!

Make sure to mention the achievements, not responsibilities:

Mention all your achievements and honors in the CV. Your resume is your very first impression over the recruiter so it needs to be as good as possible. Also, do not write the job roles and responsibilities in detail, this may damage your future chances of getting a job.

Highlight your extra-curricular activities:

Don’t forget to highlight your extra-curricular activities. This is the high time when the recruiters are looking forward to the personality traits and attitude of the candidate so make sure to reflect positivity.

Be honest and confident:

Remember, honesty is the best policy always! You need to write the truth in your resume and be confident about it. Showcase all your achievements as your experience. This will leave an ever-lasting and positive impression on the recruiter.

Tailor the CV with the job description:

Before hitting the send button, tailor your CV with the job description. Look for the keywords and incorporate them in your resume to make it more readable for the hiring manager. Repeat this for every job position.

Simple, organized, and ATS-friendly resume:

Keep your resume simple, organized, and highly ATS-friendly. Choose a decent and simple template for your resume along with the readable and adjusting font size. Also, make sure to write a keyword-rich resume to pass the ATS.

Gear up the level with degree and qualifications:

Boost your CV with the addition of the degree and your qualification. Make sure to add all your qualifications in reverse-chronological order. This means you have to mention the experience from most recent to least recent.

Convincing cover letter with a spark of your personality:

Attaching a cover letter with your resume would depict your interest in the job and the recruiting manager would have a deeper insight into your future plans. Also, add about yourself and your personal self in the cover letter for a positive impression.


The aforementioned 10 tips would help you to craft a resume with no experience even! Finding a job could be stressful but with the help of these tips, you would surely find yourself a perfect-fit job! Great good luck!

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